Globally, up to 1 billion children aged 2–17 years experience physical, sexual, or emotional violence or neglect (Hillis et al., 2016). Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs increase the risk of morbidity and mortality and can have a negative impact on life opportunities and social behavior throughout the life course.

At the heart of Generation Alpha approach is the scientific evidence that ACEs impact the brain, body, and behavior

With increasing numbers of young people facing mental health challenges and suffering from stress, anxiety, trauma, we have developed a 3-month multimodal program for schools, to provide children and adolescents with tools and strategies of stress management, emotional regulation and reprocessing of adverse experiences.



Impact of a multimodal school program on the regulation of emotions and stress in children in a vulnerable neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Collaboration with Dr. Rocío Martínez Vivot (Conicet, Argentina)


These are some comments from 11-year-olds from a school in La Boca, Buenos Aires Argentina:

“I liked learning to listen to the silence that is in the environment along with the interference that is often present.”

“I felt very relaxed and listened to. I loved when we painted the mandala, another method of relaxation.”

“I learned how to calm down in difficult moments.”

“We talked about things that I identified with and I am going to apply what I learned.”

“I would like to do this workshop again.” 



We offer free programs to vulnerable communities with few resources and fee-for-service programs on a sliding scale.
Partner centers at the higher end of our sliding scale allow us to offer support to smaller, less-resourced schools and community organizations, maintain staffing and research to improve our programs.